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Rise - Y Brothers


After nearly a decade of touring and playing shows across Canada, Y Brothers (formerly bluessmyth) went back into the studio to record Rise.  This album is more rock than blues, and still full of story-telling songs.  With new riffs, great soloing on guitar, bass and drums, this album offers a new sound with all soul.

Sola Gratia - bluessmyth


After a short few months of touring and writing with new drummer, Celene Yohemas, bluessmyth went into the studio to record their third album, Sola Gratia.  This album is filled with gritty blues, soulful vocals, melodic bass lines, and stories inspired by 2005 hurricane Katrina. The stories of those left in Katrina's wake haunted the band, especially the poor outcomes years after the catastrophe.  This album includes songs about addiction, regret, redemption and covers the gamut of the human experience.

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When I Get Through With You - Lovebullies


The Lovebullies have their style, with surf-rock circa 1960s sound.  This album was recorded at Audities studio with the late-great Kevin Herring on guitar, lead singer Caroline Connoly on vocals, the ever exceptional Chantal Vitalis on guitar, theramin and vocals, Joni Brent on Bass, and Celene Yohemas on drums, congas, and vibraphone.  With special appearances Kris Demeanor, Kenna Burima, Danielle French, and more!

Tabitha EP - Tabitha


Hard rock trio Tabitha put out a 5 song EP with hard hitting drums (Celene Yohemas), tricky bass licks (Chris Rawlyck), growly vocals and singing guitar lines by Carla Olive.


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