Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for lessons?

Lesson Registration happens year round when space is available. Contact Celene for more information. Download the Registration form HERE.

How much are lessons?
Half hour lessons are $30/half hour and $45/45 minute lessons in person or virtual.

Group lessons are $20/session and usually run for 6 weeks.

What is a lesson block?

Lesson blocks are pre-paid lessons. They are required to save a regular/weekly space. You may purchase 2, 4 or 8 lesson blocks. If you want to take occasional lessons, you may pay at the time of your lesson by cash or e-transfer. International students may use Paypal (service charges apply).

For group lessons, full payment is due prior to the first class.

What Payment types do you accept?
Cash, E-Transfer, PayPal (service charges apply) and cheques (for in person lessons) are accepted.

What equipment do I need to start lessons?

You will need a minimum of drum sticks and a practice pad, as well as a binder for your lesson notes.  Drum sets are available to rent if you're not ready to commit to buying one.

What do I need to bring to in-person lessons?

Drum sticks, a binder with lined paper, indoor drumming shoes (runners, or any shoe with a rubber sole that will absorb impact in the heel), questions you may have and a good attitude!

What do I need for Virtual and group lessons?

You will need your practice pad and sticks, or drum set (depending on your course), a laptop or tablet to run Zoom, and a set of headphones to plug into the laptop or tablet to best hear and be heard. 

Zoom is my preferred program/app to use for virtual lessons.  You will need to set up your FREE Zoom account at . You will need to adjust your audio setting and turn on "original sound" in order to be heard. You may also need to turn "Noise suppression" to the "LOW"setting.  Without these steps, I will be able to see you, but not hear you when you are playing. 

For Play Along lessons, you have two options depending on your device: 1) Set up a stereo speaker of some sort to play your music and metronome through so it can be heard.  Without this, I will not be able to hear you play along to music. 

2) If you are on a Mac laptop, you can share your music on screenshare. This only works with a fast internet speed.

I highly recommend using a laptop for Zoom lessons as it will give you a bigger view for seeing techniques and of the sheet music I may share on screen share.

What ages do you teach?

Nobody is too old to learn how to play!

And how young is too young? It depends on the interest level.  Any child who is really keen to learn and has a decent attention span will succeed in lessons.  If you're not sure, we can set up a phone interview to assess the situation. Most children have a decent attention span starting at 8 years of age, but younger children can get something out of learning drums.

Which type of drum set is better? Acoustic or Electronic?

Acoustic drum sets have many advantages over an electronic drum set, including longevity. However, some home situations will require or desire a quieter option which electronic drum sets offer.

Always get the best quality you can afford, sticking to known brand names.

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When will I see improvement?

There are many factors to your progress in your practice.  First factor is your time. You will get out of lessons what you put in. Each lesson is an individual plan to improve. Practicing is like a piggy bank. As you practice skills, you put those skills into your muscle memory to draw from later.  Consistent practice daily for 20  minutes will show more drastic results than big bursts of practice time less often. Your progress is up to you!

What books do I need?

This will depend on your level, what you already have in your lesson library, and what you are currently working on.

The books used most in drum lessons are:

- Stick Control by George Stone

- Groove Essentials 1.0 for beginners and Groove Essentials 1.0 and 2.0 by Tommy Igoe for advanced students

- Linear Drumming by Mike Johnston (Available in studio for $25 or on Lulu)

Other books that we may use:

- Realistic Rock by Carmine Appice (for beginners)

- Basic Drumming by Joel Rothman

- Syncopation by  Ted Reed

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