Alberta Band Camps

Each Camp has it's own charm. This guide will give you more information about them.

Camp Caroline

Camp Caroline has been a band camp staple for decades. It has many spaces for clinic rooms, can accommodate medium to large groups, has a pool and a gym, and is in a beautiful location between Sundre and Caroline.

Camp Caroline provides some percussion equipment for rental groups. This includes a xylophone, an out of tune marimba, three tympani, and bass drums. They also have music stands.

River's Edge Camp

River's Edge Camp is a slightly closer option than Camp Caroline, located just east of Water Valley. This camp has a good history of gluten free/celiac options, and good sleeping quarters.  The main band area is quite boomy, and it has many options for clinic rooms.

River's Edge does have a few percussion instruments including two tympani and a bass drum, and potentially a drum set (but bring your own carpet, snare, throne and cymbals). They have music stands available as well.

Camp Horizon

Located near Bragg Creek, this close retreat location boasts an above ground obstacle course and a gorgeous location in Kananaskis country.


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