Life on the road: secrets of a musician on tour

Updated: Jan 5

There is excitement. There is anxiety. There is packing and unpacking and repacking of gear and bags. And there are a lot of hours on the road. Tour.

The bulk of the hours on the road are filled with planning and logistics. Where to next? Stopping for gas? A meal? Staying the night or pressing on? What can we do to push the music business further? How can we sell something CDs?

When I first toured, I still loved the road. I loved seeing old friends in different cities. As time wore on, I got worn out. It’s a lot of driving for a little money. Is the cost worth the benefit? Sometimes the answer was yes, but other times it was no. And as I got older, if the answer was no, I wouldn’t want to go or I would vote against going. The road is a long, dangerous and boring friend. Visit when it means the most.

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