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Celene has taught clinics for schools, adult bands, and private groups since 1996. She has a proven method that is flexible to meet the needs of each group, and to help individuals become better section teammates.

Different Clinics Offered:

- Percussion section basics

- Sectionals

- Sticking and snare drum technique builders

- Building a percussion station

- Mallet techniques

- Music terminology

- Jazz band rhythm section basics

- Percussion Section Masterclasses: Tympani tuning and technique, percussion set ups, percussion section organization, Bass Drum Basics, Mallet playing tips

- Individualized clinics for your specific needs!


Clinic Bookings

Calgary Clinicians

There is an alternative to booking band clinicians in Calgary. You can book them yourself for the maximum bang for your buck, or you can hire Celene to do the work for you.

For a booking fee of $65.00 plus a small commission, Celene will do the booking, confirming and billing for you.

Calgary Schools are $65/hour per clinician

Cochrane and Chestermere are $70/hour per clinician

Camp Horizon clinics are between $175-350 and up depending on length

Camp Chief Hector clinics are between $225-350 and up depending on length

Camp Caroline clinics are between $240-380/clinician depending on length

River's Edge Bible Camp clinics are between $225-380 +up/clinician depending on length

For an accurate quote, please contact Celene with your requirements


Clinics - FAQs

How do I book a clinic?

Make a list of which instruments you need clinicians for. Note if you have any specific clinicians you would like to request.  Send your date, Time and Location. Send it to me and we do the rest!

How much is it to book clinicians?

Clinicians fees vary depending on length of the clinic, in town or out of town, and distance of travel. In town rates start at $65/hour.

What is a master agreement? Is it necessary?

The Calgary Board of Education has a master agreement list for contractors. What does is do?  It is a list of preferred contractors, however it is not necessary when booking clinicians.  Clinicians without a master agreement are still allowed in most schools.  I say most because some school principals require it, while most do not.

While navigating the unclear and confusing waters of getting a master agreement as a clinician booking service, I found that it was not necessary to have. Each school principal has the discretion to accept clinicians into the school with or without a master agreement.  It was determined that clinicians did not need a master agreement, as they typically came before and after school hours, rather than during. They require all contractors to carry WCB, musical instrument insturance, and liability insurance of a minimum of $2million.  I carry those myself.

How much is it to book clinicians?

Clinicians fees vary depending on length of the clinic, in town or out of town, and distance of travel. Individual clinicians' fees may vary.  In town rates start at $65/hour.

Covid 19 and Bookings

Due to the current state of Covid-19, Only ONLINE VIRTUAL ZOOOM clinics are available for wind instruments. Percussion and string clinics may be available with the following protocols in place:

- Face Masks are worn
- Large clinic space with good ventilation

- Instruments and sticks/mallets are provided for each student

- Spacing for safe social distances is possible

- Hand Sanitizer is provided and being used by each student

-Air purifier is used for smaller spaces


Teacher's Guide to Alberta Band Camps

Calgary band programs have traditionally had the advantage of going to a band camp retreat for a day, overnight or sometimes two nights. There are some wonderful camps nearby, and further away

Camp Caroline

A staple retreat located just south of the town of Caroline, and west of Sundre about 1.5 hours out of Calgary. This camp can accommodate medium to large groups. They have great activities including a swimming pool, gymnasium, and ample outdoor options.

They have a good amount of rooms for clinics, and the main lodge with carpet makes for a great band area.

They have a large supply of music stands.

For percussion equipment, they have a set of tympani (not sure if it is 2 or 3), a xylophone, two bass drums, and an out of tune marimba. Bring your own beaters, mallets and sticks as well as your snare drum, cymbals, and auxiliary toys.

River's Edge Camp

River's Edge is a camp closer to Calgary, located a few kms East of Water Valley (approximately 1 hour away). This camp boasts beautiful mountain views, and more modern camp amenities.   They are popular for their kitchen staff who are very experienced with delicious gluten free, allergen free options.

They have a music stands, two functional tympani, a bass drum, and partially functional drum set.  You will need to bring your snare drum, cymbals, a carpet for under the drum set, all sticks and mallets, and all auxiliary toys. Always bring what you need for your repertoire. Sometimes the facility is booked with two groups at once, so you will need to share equipment.

Camp Horizon (Easter Seals)

This camp is close by, only 10 kms west of Bragg Creek. This camp has wheelchair accessible rooms and washrooms, beautiful surroundings, and many rooms for clinics.  The food and the main lodge are good.

Activities include a unique outdoor suspension obstacle course, and the views are amazing.

This camp does not provide music stands or any percussion equipment.

Camp Chestermere

One of the closest retreat locations, Camp Chestermere has a newer lodge built in 2013 with a good coffee and tea station for the adults. 

This camp has a gym and outdoor activities, and has a number of decent clinic spaces, including the old lodge for percussion or larger sectional.

There are no provided music stands or percussion equipment.


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