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Lessons are coaching; A way to improve yourself with the help of someone who can see your weaknesses and use their expertise to work with you to strengthen them. If you want to improve, and you are willing to do the work, lessons can help you achieve your goals.

Lessons in technique:

  • Stick technique

  • Stick Control

  • Foot technique

  • Foot speed

  • Body position and ergonomic playing

  • Lessons in music:

  • How to read rhythms

  • How to read notation in percussion and/or drums set

  • How to read drum charts

  • How to organize percussion parts

  • How to play along with recordings and other musicians

  • How to listen and groove

  • Lessons in Drumming:

  • Rudiments

  • Grooves 

  • Fills

  • Creating flow

  • Improving foot and hand speed

  • Improving 2, 3 and 4 way coordination

  • Learning how to improvise

Zoom lessons, group adult beginner zoom lessons,  lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students available.

Beginner Adult Group Lessons 6 week course:  Saturdays January 9, 16, 23, 30 and February 6 &13 from 1pm-2pm MST ( 2pm-3pm CT and 3-4pm EST).  $120 CAD or $20/class.  Register by Contacting Celene HERE

Take your playing to the next level!

To Register, Download a Student Registration Form here.


How To Choose a Drum Set

Acoustic Vs. Electronic

There are two types of drum sets you can purchase or rent; Acoustic or Electronic. There are some pros and cons to each.

Acoustic Drum Sets

Acoustic is always a great choice for the best learning and sound experience. A good drum set needs to be tuned well, fit your body size and predominant style, with decent sounding cymbals, and a drum throne that is sturdy with easy height adjustment.  Reputable student drum brands are: Yamaha, Sonor, Ludwig, Gretsch, Pearl, Mapex, Premier.  Reputable cymbal brands are Sabian, Zildjian, Istanbul, Meinl, Paiste.

You will need to purchase the shell pack (the drums and hardware), and often cymbals, bass drum pedal and a throne (seat) are sold separately.  Purchasing used on buy and sell sites make it more affordable to get drums and cymbals as a package.

Acoustic drum sets come in different sizes. A junior drum set is smaller for kids to play on up to about age 10. Adult sized drum sets will work well for taller kids, and kids who need to grow into the kit. Bass Drum sizes start at 16" (Sonor Jungle kit), 20" bass drum for a "jazz" kit which is a great size for short adults and still achieves big sound, and 22" bass drum for a "rock" kit. It is more challenging to play lower dynamics on a larger bass drum.

Pros to an acoustic kit:

- always touch sensitive

- good for dynamic development from pianissimo to fortissimo

- good sound production is dependent on playing spot and technique

- cymbals have many different colour tones achievable depending on where the cymbal is struck

- gig friendly

- tune-able to your sound preferences and feel

- no electricity needed

Cons to an acoustic kit:

- takes up a larger space

- loud to the rest of the house and neighbours

- there are bad quality student model cymbals out there that can hinder musical development (choose the best quality in your price range)

Electronic Drum Sets

Electronic drum sets are a good option for those with a smaller spaces, if you have sound sensitive people living with you, if you live in an apartment or condominium with close neighbors, if you have to practice while kids are sleeping, or if you are shy about being heard.

Reputable brands of electronic drum sets include Roland (one or more mesh drums are an excellent choice), Yamaha (DTX series is a higher quality model), and Alesis is who a relatively new, but reputable company. You want to select a drum set that has functional hi hat pedal and bass drum pedals.  Kits that have a bass drum pad which uses a real drum pedal instead of having a stand alone trigger pedal are preferable, and if you can afford to upgrade to a real hi hat with triggers, that is the best option.


- Take up less space

- Set up is straight forward

- Sound can be contained to earphones

- depending on model, many sound patches can be explored for non-traditional drum sounds and world drum sounds

- Keeps resale value


- Needs electricity

- Repetitive stress injuries are common on electronic drum sets.

- There is a lot more stick vibration

- Players tend to hit harder than necessary as the volume does not get louder than where the speaker is set

- Not as dynamically sensitive

- Less sound colours than an acoustic

- Good quality is expensive and tend not to lose value when used

- Replacement parts on some models can be difficult to get and costly to repair


There are sound reducing pads and mesh pads for acoustic drum sets and cymbals to create low dynamics. There are hybrid drum sets with electronic and acoustic components. Whenever something is substituting for the real thing, you will miss out on some aspects and advantages of an acoustic drum set.

YouTube is a great resource when researching your future drum set.  You can get sound bytes and demos on nearly every product out there. So go ahead, dig in, and see what you find!


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