Respected Insights

Lesson Reviews

"All of the musicianship I have today I can trace back to Celene." - Mike Young, former student (aged 13-18)

"Celene is the best drum teacher I've ever had. She takes the time to explain and examine techniques, and I've felt both challenged and encouraged under her instruction."- Sandy Lam,  former adult student

"Lessons with Celene are the best.  She makes things interesting and challenging each week. Celene is a skilled teacher, being able to quickly assess your skills and offer insight to help you do your best. She is encouraging and praises your smallest improvements. I always look forward to drumming with Celene!" - Marilee S., adult student

"Wow! That was FUN!" - Larry C., adult, after his first lesson

"I've wanted to learn and play drums my whole life but haven't made the leap until now at age 47.  Having absolutely no musical background and not being all that coordinated, it's safe to say that I had a few doubts.  I'm now discovering that I couldn't have made a better choice in instructors than Celene and am so glad that I started. Celene seems as enthusiastic and eager to teach as I am to learn.  She is easily able to adjust her teaching methodology to suit the student and is more than happy to teach them exactly what they want to learn.  I'm only just getting started but feel like I have learned so much already. What once seemed so difficult to do is now amazingly easy.  Thanks Celene!" Michael T.,  adult student

Percussion Clinic Review

"Celene began as a clinician with me in 1998. She showed great dedication, professionalism, a passion for educating, and always went above and beyond what was expected of a clinician. Teachers would request her to come back, for good reason! Her work ethic and rapport always left a good impression." - Bob Baker, original founder of The Clinic Line

"I have had the privilege of knowing Celene for a few years and have always been struck by her incredible talent and kind personality.  My students have also been able to experience her incredible skills when she has been a clinician.  The feedback from them has always been positive and glowing; from how talented she is, to how much she taught them and how kind she was to them.  As a teacher, I appreciate the prep work that she does before walking into a clinic, from finding out what needs to be accomplished, where the students are at in their learning, and preparing exercises that would help them after the clinic. We request Celene for our percussion workshops because of her vast knowledge base which she is able to share with students in ways that they understand as she is able to adapt to the level they are at.  She is enthusiastic and shares her passion for music and percussion.  We always look forward to working with her".  - Jen Eklund, Glenmore Christian Academy

"You work super hard with my students and I can always see the huge progress. Thanks again!"  - Philip Rounding, Band Director Fairview School

"I have relied upon Celene's versatility and experience to run my percussion sectionals, percussion ensemble, rhythm sections and to work one on one with my students for the past ten years. Students enjoy Celene's style and repeatedly accomplish a lot of learning in every session. I would recommend Celene to any school music program" - Deborah Halderman, Band Director Crescent Heights High School

"Celene is always my first choice when it comes to booking a percussion clinician!" - Sara Riddell, Band Director

"My association with Celene Yohemas began in the summer of 2001 at the Air Cadet Camp in Penhold, Alberta.  I was the director of the Senior band for the 8 week summer and she was the percussion/theory instructor attached to my band and luckily for my cadets (and myself), this remained the same for the next 6 summers.  Celene is an excellent teacher (performer!) with excellent skills in her subject area.  She creates a great classroom atmosphere where students enjoy learning from her but if need be, she will be sure they know she's in charge!  These are the reasons that she is always my 'first call' for percussionist when I'm trying to fill a slate of clinicians for the 20 - 25 band camps I set up each year. She is very good at what she does and I hope our association will continue for many years." -Barry Valleau Band Teacher (ret'd)/Guest conductor/clinician

Performance Reviews

"Celene is absolutely fantastic to work with. Always prepared, always spot on and so professional, I love working with her!" - Sophie Armstrong, violinist

"Celene is the "lettuce chopping" queen of country music. Her train shuffles are the best I've ever played with" - Tim Pearson, guitarist Rooster in a Henhouse

"Playing and recording with Celene has been a feather in my career cap." - Kevin Herring, guitarist


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